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Stay in control with Yoores Recruitment Services

Finding and recruiting the right candidate can be a major challenge. In the maze of rapidly emerging recruitment tools, ATS systems and changing needs, it is not easy for any HR professional to maintain an overview.

That is precisely why Yoores has introduced a unique recruitment solution where you are ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

With the Yoores Recruitment Services you get a free careersite including Recruitment Portal and 24/7 access to the most pivotal recruitment tools, data and people that you can use per vacancy when you need it. We maintain these and ensure that you always have the most current and effective resources at your disposal. We provide tutorials and training so that you keep your knowledge up to standard.

Whether you want to use job boards, start a complete marketing process or immediately want an interim recruiter in house - you manage and determine it all from your own Recruitment Portal.

This way we make you Happy and you stay In Control!


Yoores Recruitment Portal

Insert jobs in ATS


Placement jobs on careersite


Findability free aggregators

Google for Jobs

Recruitment Marketing Campaign

Social Media
Job Video

Backoffice Recruiter

Reference check

Active Talent Sourcing


Deploy corporate recruiter


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