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Construction and installation are among the sectors where the labor market shortage is highest. This is evident from a report of the UWV in which a national overview is given of the professions with the greatest shortage of staff.

Economically, the outlook for the installation engineering is very favorable. There is, for example, a continuous positive development in housing construction and related projects. This trend is less favorable for the labor market as it results in a serious shortage of installation engineers, among other things.

Brenda Scholten, Recruitment Manager, says:

At Unica the increase in construction projects was clearly noticeable. Great for the company of course, but this created a growing need in a short time for service engineers, work planners, construction site managers and installers. Due to this rapid increase, Unica quickly realized that support was required from outside.


Edwin Noordeloos, Director at Yoores, explains:

We notice that organizations in installation engineering, such as Unica, but also Heras, often first seek contact with recruitment agencies. And in almost all cases, they find out quickly that these types of agencies only offer a temporary solution to a structural problem and cannot offer long-term solutions. Something that we prevent by placing, building and executing the process at the client from start to finish. A process that a client could also take over himself. Of course, it is our challenge to do it so well that we can continue to do this. As an extension of the organization.

The analytical nature of Yoores often surprises clients. As soon as organizations understand how the RPO solution from Yoores works, the difference compared to traditional recruitment agencies can be clearly felt. By combining target group research, market research and data analysis, Yoores knows exactly which candidates fit in with which organization and how to attract them efficiently and effectively. This saves every customer time and money. Because all communication is done on behalf of the customer, Yoores makes a positive contribution to the Employer Brand.

Reasons for the deployment of RPO

  • Vacancies are filled faster
  • The quality of the candidates increases due to a larger scope
  • Employer branding is built
  • HR is relieved
  • Quality perception of candidate goes up
  • Database of potential candidates
  • Cost reduction

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