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Since 2011, Yoores has specialized in Recruitment Marketing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). In addition to clients within specific segments such as the process industry, food industry and installation, various organizations within the office sector also belong to the Yoores clientele.

Organizations such as KFC,, FD Media Groep, BAM and Domino's regularly use the services of Yoores to recruit administrative staff, IT specialists, Marketing & Sales, HR staff, Secretarial staff and customer service staff, among others. Yoores is also regularly engaged for positions at management level. However, the name Yoores will not ring a bell quickly.

Yoores specializes in attracting the right candidates for every vacancy. Depending on the needs of our customers, we do this using Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) of Recruitment Marketing.

With Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) you outsource the entire (or parts of) the recruitment process of your organization to us. As an RPO provider, Yoores works fully client branded as part of your HR team. Do you need small-scale support? Then you can come to us for effective Recruitment Marketing campaigns.

Exclusive and client branded

Kees-Jan Band, Recruiter, says:

Yoores serves some of the biggest names in the Netherlands. But because in many cases the organization operates exclusively and client-branded, they are not always visible; they like to work from behind the scenes. The 96% fill rate speaks for itself!

No recruitment and selection agency

Often the first impression is that Yoores offers the same service as traditional recruitment agencies, but that is not the case. Edwin Noordeloos, CEO at Yoores, explains: “Our service goes much further than just delivering potential candidates. With our flexible RPO models, we can partially or even completely take the recruitment process out of our clients' hands. Not only does that give them more peace of mind, it also saves them a lot of time. Our customers never have to manage different agencies again or go through hundreds of resumes. We provide a specific selection of highly suitable candidates at much lower prices than an average recruitment agency. We call it Recruitment 3.0!”

Reasons for the deployment of Yoores

  • Vacancies are filled faster
  • The quality of the candidates has increased due to a larger scope
  • Employer branding is built
  • HR is completely relieved
  • Candidate Experience goes up
  • Access to various databases of potential candidates
  • Cost reduction
  • Retention of new employees is much higher

Transparency and flexibility

Many customers appreciate the transparency and flexibility that Yoores offers. “Yoores uses different price models because we have customers where we do 100+ vacancies a year such as Heras, but also customers with 5 vacancies a year such as Sharp. But the client branded recruitment, the unburdening of the HR department in the process, the high completion rate and the relatively low costs contribute to our success, " says Edwin.

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