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What can you expect from us?

  • A fully functioning careersite in your corporate identity
  • Manage your vacancies in your own online environment
  • A fully equipped ATS to safeguard your candidate process
  • Access to Recruitment Marketing tools to optimize your intake
  • 24/7 insight into your recruitment KPI’s and marketing data
  • Access to the Yoores Knowledge Base and Tutorials
  • Real-time insight into the candidate experience
  • AVG & GDPR compliant



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Process Support

You probably receive a lot of applications for some specific vacancies. A luxury that’s not always pleasant for the Recruiter. This often concerns centralistic positions, where a lot of people think they qualify for. We can support you with the process of all these applications. We evaluate every application and turn down the candidates who don’t match the requirements for the position. We will screen the suitable candidates by doing a telephone interview. This leads to a selection of the best candidates. You decide which candidates you want to see or introduce to the Hiring Manager. In short, you will be in charge, we will unburden you. All your applicants will receive a response regarding their application in time (100% guarantee). That’s the core of your Candidate Experience. In 2017, we processed about 30.000 candidates. We realized in our process a succesrate of 96%.




For some vacancies, it’s really hard to find the right candidate. That’s how the market is right now. You have to search for the right talent. But also, time is the missing factor here. Active Talent Sourcing takes a lot of time. Yoores offers active Talent Sourcing for a small number of clients. We don’t work exclusively for businesses, but we do work restricted. For example, we have room for 5 clients in Engineering. We have 3 clients right now so room for 2 more. This way, we can make sure not to approach or source candidates from our other clients. Something that recruitment agencies do all the time.


Seasonal influences

Based on your recruitment capacity, knowledge and needs you determine if we take over the entire recruitment process of your organisation, or parts of it.

The number of vacancies within organisations often fluctuates throughout the year, for example due to seasonal jobs. Ensuring sufficient capacity within your recruitment team at all times, results in high fixed costs. Yoores can help you expand your recruitment team when needed. We employ recruiters (on-site or off-site) when the number of vacancies rises, thus optimising your capacity. As a result, fixed costs remain low and variable costs will always be adjusted to the work pressure. This way, you can ensure that every applicant will have a positive Candidate Experience even during the peak periods.


Yoores Marketing

Do you need support with your Recruitment Marketing? Take a look at the possibilities that we offer and download our whitepaper here.


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Edwin Noordeloos
Managing Partner

Yoores Recruitment Solutions

Empower your recruitment

Are we a match?

Our unique recruitment concept is not for everyone, we can be very clear about that. But do you want to stay in control, set up a powerful careersite for your organization and generate maximum inflow through that site, reduce costs and the time-to-hire and become less dependent on recruitment agencies? Then we are a match!

Who is Yoores

Yoores Recruitment Solutions has been active in the world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for over 10 years. As a market leader in the RPO environment, we specialize in optimizing recruitment processes to connect the best talent to your organization as efficiently and effectively as possible, tailor-made and fully client-branded. The difference with traditional RPO solutions is that our RPO is completely tailor made and controlled by you. We do this by giving you full control over the recruitment process where you decide which activities you carry out and which activities you leave to us. RPO has never been this flexible!

  • Supported over 50 customers
  • More than 7,500 vacancies successfully filled
  • Fully secured candidate process
  • Completion rate of 96%
  • Total savings of over € 25 million for our customers *
  • Total Network of 7,000,000+ job seekers
  • Opening hours Recruitment Center from 8.30 am to 11 pm

*Set against hires through employment agencies