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Recruitment Process Outsourcingv2 11. A more effective and efficient recruitment process

The core of RPO is to make the entire recruitment process of an organisation more effective and efficient. From handling the weak spots in the process to building long-term recruitment strategies that fit your business goals.


A big advantage is that a HR team will be completely unburdened in the field of recruitment. This means a HR advisor or Hiring Manager only has to conduct interviews and determine whether a candidate is the right fit for the organisation.


2. Decreasing fixed costs and reducing the time-to-hire

In practice, we see that internal recruitment almost always comes with waste and an overhead that is (too) high. The use of external agencies, such as selection & recruitment and deployment agencies, are also very expensive.


RPO is a good way to reduce recruitment related costs. For our clients, we always see a clear decrease in their recruitment costs, sometimes even a reduction of 50%. This is largely due to the fact the fixed recruitment costs are made variable, so that they fluctuate with your vacancies. If necessary, for example by seasonal influences or projects, we as RPO provider can quickly and easily scale up the (in-house) recruitment team of our clients. In this way, there is always the right capacity that meets the needs of the organisation. This offers a degree of flexibility that many of our clients find very attractive.


In addition, the time-to-hire is also reduced. This is mainly because the recruitment process is organised more efficiently, there is a clear focus on the Employer Branding and the use of targeted Recruitment Marketing. This makes it possible to fill vacancies of our clients within four to eight weeks. With a RPO collaboration you will never have to wait long for right talent.


3. Strenghtening your Employer Brand and Candidate Experience 

Because long term is leading at RPO, a RPO provider also invariably strengthens the Employer Brand and improves the Candidate Experience. Your brand and image are important, for all aspects within your organisation. And therefore also for recruitment.


This makes it easier to fill vacancies by raising brand awareness among jobseekers. This is done in different ways. Recruitment Marketing is a big part of this. By using various recruitment platforms, including job boards, aggregators and social media, the visibility and findability of the organisation is increased.


In order not to damage the Employer Brand, having satisfied applicants is also an important goal when starting a RPO process. Candidates who are not hired for the position and do not feel positive about the application process could damage the Employer Brand of the organisation. The Candidate Experience should therefore not be underestimated.


The biggest complaint from candidates is, almost always, the lack of information and transparency in an application procedure. Yoores removes this frustration by incorporating fixed communication points and, above all, being honest with candidates. If we say that we call on Monday, we will call on Monday. This means that all stakeholders are satisfied after completing the process.


In short, RPO providers can offer flexibility, upscaling, process improvement and a development of the long-term strategy, depending on the needs of your organisation.


As Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, Yoores works as the internal Recruiter of our clients. We take over the entire recruitment process, or parts of it. We are always focused on a sustainable cooperation and improving the recruitment process in the long term.


Yoores not only offers expertise, but a partnership. We therefore act as an extension of your HR or recruitment department. As a result, we have a direct impact on your Employer Brand: we know how we can best represent the organisation and quickly see which candidates are a good fit. Especially if you decide to use one of our Corporate Recruiters who will work on-site at your office.


Convinced of the opportunities that RPO offers and wonder what Yoores can do for your organisation? Feel free to contact us!


Rosa Marijnen
Recruitment Marketing Specialist


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Yoores Recruitment Solutions has been active in the world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for over 10 years. As a market leader in the RPO environment, we specialize in optimizing recruitment processes to connect the best talent to your organization as efficiently and effectively as possible, tailor-made and fully client-branded. The difference with traditional RPO solutions is that our RPO is completely tailor made and controlled by you. We do this by giving you full control over the recruitment process where you decide which activities you carry out and which activities you leave to us. RPO has never been this flexible!

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