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Meet the services of Yoores


Yoores Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the prime solution for organisations that want to take their recruitment to the next level but are uncertain where to begin. The options at Yoores are diverse, but always client-branded. We would love to talk with you to investigate what we can do for you.


Recruitment Marketing

As recruitment specialists, we offer the knowledge and expertise needed to strengthen your Recruitment Marketing and Employer Brand. We define your employer brand, link all expressions to the power of this Brand and employ the right tools to approach the target group of your choosing.


Project-Based Recruitment

Is your organisation undergoing tremendous growth over a short period of time? Do you want to expand your recruitment temporarily? Do you need extra recruitment capacity? Yoores Project-Based Recruitment offers the solution. We would love to investigate with you where we can support you.



Yoores offers consultancy for clients who are looking for advice in various recruitment areas. Do you want to optimise your recruitment process, for example, strengthen your Employer Brand or improve the interview techniques of your hiring managers? Then Yoores is the right place for you.


Why come to Yoores Recruitment Solutions?




We specialise in all steps of the recruitment process, from intake to hire. Our team includes corporate recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, front-end and back-end developers, marketeers and sourcers: everything you need to optimise your recruitment process. We will take care of everything for your HR team.


Employer Branding

2Employer Branding

Because we work on a client-branded basis, candidates always feel like they have contact with you, rather than an intermediary. This helps to actively expand your Employer Brand, increasing the awareness and identity of your organisation as well as retention. The Employer Branding options are endless.




We always work with the latest and most effective tools & tricks. Our team is on the lookout for market developments 24/7. This allows us to always be at the forefront and employ the right means, resulting in an increased quality of hire, a reduced time to hire and a lower cost per hire. Our innovations help you get ahead.


Custom fit

4Custom fit

Every organisation is different. Our first step will always be to discuss with you what works for your organisation. We are flexible and adjust our services to your needs. Every collaboration with us is different and personalised, so that you will always be guaranteed to have a custom-fit collaboration.


Business Partner

5Business Partner

We collaborate strategically with our clients. In addition to operational support, we actively think along and we will always adjust or modify issues when needed. In an ever-changing market it is important to have a Recruitment Business Partner who always has the best solutions.

Who preceded you? 

The number of people who sign up for our job opening website has increased dramatically. Another added value of RPO when compared to deployment agencies is that we, HR, don’t have to answer the same question time and time again. We now have time for other tasks. HR Manager
Since 2014 we save hundreds of thousands of euros per year on our recruitment work. Those are the figures you’re working for. HR Manager
Read the whole article (in Dutch)It Takes Effort to Be an Attractive Employer

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