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Having a difficult job opening? Looking for great people, but no applications yet? You’re probably not the only one with this problem. Competing for well educated, looked after people tends to be difficult. Especially in an economy that is returning to growth. This means companies have to start investing more in talent acquisition.

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It's all about job marketing

Instead of waiting for people to find your job posting, target them demographically and start marketing your positions. How? Here are four easy ways to get started.


1. "It's your network, stupid"
You see a cliché, I see an often overlooked opportunity. It’s time to start actively utilizing your network, as well as the network of your colleagues. Those years of accepting LinkedIn invitations are finally going to pay off. Instead of just posting a listing on your LinkedIn feed, start promoting it. Post it in relevant groups. Get people, especially colleagues, to share it. Maybe send out a few messages to people who could be interested. Be a recruiter, and recruit. You have got work to do, get in there and make contact. No pain, no gain. Everything is better than just dumping an opening online and wait.


2. "Promote the damn thing"
When you reached the limits of your own network. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc. offer tools to promote your jobs. By creating a job marketing budget, your company can decrease it’s time to hire drastically. Start with promoting on Linkedin, this will harvest quick results and is relatively easy. When you’re a bit more experienced, try Google. Pay per click advertising looks expensive, but is very effective in targeting the right people. And Facebook is the new star for job marketing, so do have a look at it.


3. "Try a job board"
Although social media are often praised as the holy grail of recruitment, online recruitment is more than just LinkedIn. Furthermore, there is a big difference between the people on LinkedIn and those on job boards. LinkedIn is heavily used by those who already have a job, just eavesdropping in on the careers of old friends/classmates/colleagues. The traditional job boards are in generally populated by people who are looking for something new. By including job boards in your effort, you’re maximizing the search horizon.


And last, but not least


4. "Remember, there is a lot of free stuff available"
There are a lot of free opportunities that work really well. You don't need a big marketing budget. Just look into the aggregators and verticals, there are free possibilities in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In every country there are free job boards, as well as the earlier social media, sharing which is totally free. Let the online community work for you and your content will spread in no-time. In the end it's all about a good proposition sold in an interesting way.


Don't agree with my observations, or do you want to add something? Please leave a comment, I will try to answer as soon as possible.


Edwin Noordeloos
Senior partner

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