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This time, no to do lists list of things that work good online. We will give you one decisive tip to improve your recruitment process and make it more effective.

How do you ensure you are able to speak with the right talent in an increasingly tight job market? You want to get in touch with the right talent as soon as possible, to engage with them and inform them about what you have to offer. The keyword in this process, is the ‘Hiring Manager’.


The Hiring Manager, or also known as the job holder, is after all the person who can bring everything together; both knowledge and network. The manager is knowledgeable and can give a clear view of what he or she is looking for. The potential candidates often want to speak with a manager directly to assess the content of the vacancy. The manager’s network is still more important than the content. The manager often has a long career in the industry and has built up an interesting network. And a simple “post-and-pray” is not the solution. Sharing the vacancy on LinkedIn is not enough anymore. We need to use the manager to expand the talent pipeline. And here is the crux. How do you motivate, guarantee and check your manager to actively participate in the social activities to expand the talent pipeline? We created a list with solutions for this problem. We created a list with solutions for this problem:


1. Create awareness
Show the manager the long-term importance of the social media visibility. This will serve multiple goals. On the one hand, it increases the effectiveness of recruitment and the quality of the team. And on the other hand, it creates a stronger branding of the organisation and the manager itself.


2. Provide tips & tricks
Show examples of what you can post on social media, how much time it takes, and take the time to discuss suitable content.


3. Make a schedule
Clearly explain what you expect from the manager. Also show what is achievable. Building a ‘funnel’ does not mean you should post content every day. Once a month is also a start. But, the more active you are, the better it is. Plan the activities in the calendar and check the implementation.


4. Evaluate and show the result
Nothing works better than showing results. If you perform the first three steps, you will be able to show directly what the results are. Especially if you connect your marketing (tools) and can present numbers regarding the social activities of the content. Wouldn’t it be great if a (open) job interview is the result of his/her efforts?


Getting your organisation and the Hiring Manager involved with the recruitment, even before you have a job opening, is an important solution for recruitment problems and expensive agency fees. Low costs, but high efficiency. We recommend to implement these solutions to level up your Recruitment Efficiency up to 2020.

Are you interested to find out how we would implement this and other ideas we have about involving the Hiring Manager? Feel free to contact us or we can schedule a non-committal appointment.

Edwin Noordeloos
Managing Partner

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