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A clear and well-thought-out Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is a great value for every organisation. Would you like to know why? Keep reading!

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An EVP covers everything that an employer provides to its employees, in exchange for the contributions that they deliver to the organisation. Think about the salary and secondary employment conditions, but also education, training and other arrangements offered by the employer.

Is there a hypermodern fitness at your work location? Do you always have an extensive lunch during meetings? Did you recently get the newest brand mobile phone for your employees? All great extras which we love to brag about to our friends and therefore contribute to the Employer Branding of the organisation.

Immaterial factors are even more important within the EVP. Room for personal development, challenging work and a good atmosphere at the office. These are examples of traits that an employee seeks in a job. As an employer, it is very important not to underestimate its importance. Talented employees with certain knowledge and skills only spend their time and put energy in their work if an organisation gives them something in return. Thereby, you do not only get to know each other better at after-work drinks on Fridays, but it also improves the general atmosphere at the office.

Basically, the EVP is a promise to your employees. A promise the employer must keep. To create an EVP, the employer has to know what the employees want and need. What makes them happy? What are their wishes? And do they also have specific demands? While you are thinking about this as an organisation, you will figure out what you as an employer have to offer. But the most important thing is that you make sure your employees actually receive this.

A clear and well-thought-out EVP does not only ensure happy employees, but also that their potential is fully utilised. They are proud to work for your organisation and carry out this message everywhere they go. With a positive image, you are an attractive employer, also for future applicants. The EVP is an important aspect of Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding. With a clearly defined EVP, vacancies will be filled easier, the time-to-hire decreases and the quality-per-hire increases.

In short, the EVP enables organisations to give their employees what they expect from their employer. This increases the engagement, efficiency and retention of employees and it will make it easier to find new talent for job openings.

Do you want to know more about how you can establish the Employee Value Proposition of your organisation and what the benefits are? Please contact us for more information!

Rosa Marijnen
Recruitment Marketing Specialist

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