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Rejecting candidates is often underestimated. It is something that is done quickly in-between busy schedules, or worse: not at all.



However, the organisation benefits in the short and long term by taking the time to explain why an applicant is not a fit for the position. 

Now, you do not have to call every applicant with the reason of the rejection and you do not have to write a plea via email. Keep it short but clear and personal. Try to put yourself in de position of the applicant, would you like to receive a rejection in this way? For example, I recommend to always call an applicant with the reason of rejection if a telephone interview or a face-to-face interview took place. That is, of course, the polite thing to do. Always remember, behind each application is a person who made an effort to apply at your organisation, as well as a person who can share his/her experience with your organisation.

An applicant immediately sees through a general rejection mail. Always try to keep it personal, you have screened the suitability of the candidate for the position so you know the reason why they are not a match. Explain in one or two sentences why you have chosen to proceed with other candidates or the reason why they are not the right candidate for the position. Do not forget to keep the door open for future possibilities. Someone may not be a fit for the position now, but he or she may be the person you want to hire in a few years.

The Candidate Experience is the experience that a candidate perceives during a job application at your organisation. This has a lot of influence on the image of the organisation. A negative experience can leave a bad taste in the mouth and lead to negative word of mouth, which is something you want to avoid at all times. Especially these days, because a negative experience can quickly end up on social media. Suddenly, a bad experience is visible for a big audience and can affect the reputation of your organisation.

An investment in an appropriate rejection of every applicant influences several factors. It is important that an applicant experiences a positive and fair application process for a good Candidate Experience. In the short term, you do not want to damage the image of your organisation and in the long term you want to expand your talent pipeline. This may reduce your time-to-hire in the future.

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Esmeralda Tan-A-Kiam
Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Marketing Specialist

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