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Within Recruitment, we are dealing with an ever-changing market.

Recruitment Marketing rage of trend

The supply of and the demand for work change almost every day. But also the available tools to bring supply and demand together are continuously moving. It is up to HR/Recruiters to monitor which Recruitment tools make optimal contributions to recruiting and which tools are not worth the investment, which is a difficult task. For example, the importance of Marketing, under the title Recruitment Marketing, in the recruitment process is evolving increasingly and in different forms. Hence the question that every Recruiter has to ask itself: is Recruitment Marketing a stable trend or just a craze that will be forgotten within a year?


What is Recruitment Marketing?

To start: what is Recruitment Marketing exactly? Within terminology there are different meanings for this term. We define Recruitment Marketing as the use of four platforms, social media, aggregators, job boards and talent sourcing to optimise the inflow of (good) candidates. An organisation can take care of this itself, or outsource this to a specialist to save time and money. Every Recruitment Marketing provider offers this in a different way. Many providers focus on only one of the four platforms, for example social or talent sourcing, to contribute just a little bit to the recruitment for a vacancy. Only a few providers, such as Yoores, offer all four platforms of Recruitment Marketing all-in-one, to ensure that budgets are optimally used (cross-platform) and there is no conflicts of interest. It is up to the organisations themselves to choose what works best for them: doing it themselves, outsource it to multiple providers or to one single provider that takes on the entire process.


How does Recruitment Marketing work?

Employer Branding in relation to the target audience is fundamental within Recruitment Marketing. To provide effective marketing for a vacancy, it is important that the organisation or Recruitment partner is aware of your organisation as an employer (the Employer Brand), but also of the characteristics of the target audience. For example, at Yoores we work with big data analyses that allows us to indicate exactly how big the target audience is, what the target audience thinks is important within a job (the pull factors) and where the target audience is located (online), within 24 hours. Based on this data, we can create a plan for the vacancy. Within this plan we provide insights on how the four platforms will be deployed to reach at least 90% of the target audience.

Of course, a Recruiter or HR can make this analyse themselves and subsequently decide which providers will be used to make sure the recruiting will be correctly targeted for this specific vacancy. However, it is very important that they have the right target statistics to do so.


What does Recruitment Marketing add to the recruitment process?

Although the labour market is changing continuously, we already know that it will continue to tighten in the coming years. There will be increasingly more latent jobseekers than active jobseekers. Thus, it will become more and more important to know where the target audience is located, how this group behaves and what the biggest pull factors are when they consider a new job. And most importantly, how this data can be used with the best tools for an effective recruitment. When it is used properly, Recruitment Marketing can definitely contribute to this, or at least during the coming decennium.


Conclusion: Recruitment Marketing: Craze or Trend?

Crazes are short-lived and only successful in the short-term. Trends are for the long term, and are being integrated into daily life. Recruitment Marketing certainly falls under the last category, based on all the information above. Whoever wants to recruit effectively in the coming years, chooses Recruitment Marketing.

How do I use Recruitment Marketing myself?

Important is that within Recruitment Marketing, and within the different methods to use Recruitment Marketing, there is a difference between crazes and trends. Take a good look at what fits your organisation best. Does the organisation have enough knowledge, time, tools and capacity to analyse and implement and to continuously develop within this field? Then do the Recruitment Marketing yourselves. Do you have enough knowledge to analyse the data yourselves and to determine which of the four platforms should be used to what extent? Then you can also decide to work with different providers, or to outsource the process to one single provider. Do you not know where to begin, and do you need advice and access to knowledge and data to come to the right analysis and implementation? Choose one single provider that uses all four platforms (social media, aggregators, job boards and sourcing) and investigate how these can be used for the specific target audience and your Employer Brand in the most effective way.


Curious about this last method? Send us your vacancyand Yoores will investigate how the four Recruitment Marketing pillars can be used cross-platform to reach at least 90% of the target audience.

Would you like to know more about Recruitment Marketing, the four pillars and the importance of using these all together and efficiently? Click here to download the whitepaper “The 4 platforms of Recruitment Marketing” (in Dutch).



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