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Do you want to show everyone your organisation is a great place to work? Use Employer Branding!

Wat is Employer Branding

With Employer Branding, you steer the corporate image. It does not only benefit current staff and stake holders, but also future employees.

Strengthening your Employer Brand has to be seen as a way to attract and maintain talent. Authenticity and distinctiveness are of great importance: what makes your organisation special to work for and how do you tell this (honest!) story to the outside world?


Why Employer Branding?

Good talent is rare, and the best weapon in the battle for talent is Employer Branding. A strong Employer Brand does not only ensure attracting talent, but can also help attach them to your organisation: talented employees that feel connected with the corporate image and go to work every day with pride and motivation, Company Pride. That is what everyone wants, right?

How do you do this? 

It is not about communicating you are a great organisation, but actually being one.

This is why you start from the inside out. Invest in your employees. What do they feel is important? How is the work atmosphere? Does your staff have enough independency and responsibility within their jobs? How is the variety? Is there a good balance between work and private life? Are your employees getting as much appreciation as they deserve?

Talk to your employees to see if you meet their wishes and to determine the Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Based on this, you decide what you want to communicate externally. Do not forget to highlight the aspects that make your organisation unique and distinctive. In the end, you have to stand out from all the other employers in the market!

There are different ways to transfer these key points to the outside world. Think about the presence on social media, organising open days and writing (or let someone write) blogs. Especially for recruiting new talent, it is very important to use a consistent message (which connects to the reality) in all your communication: from vacancy texts and your own recruitment website to the presence on different Job Boards and Aggregators.

Referral Recruitment

Besides this, do not forget to mobilise your colleagues! It only works when this consistent message is carried within all layers of the organisation. Through Referral Recruitment, you ensure your staff acts as an ambassador for your Employer Brand. With this, you raise the Employee Engagement and strengthen the Employer Brand from within.

Candidate Experience

Finally, also take the Candidate Experience into account during the recruitment process. This is a very important part of Employer Branding. The experience an applicant has during the application process can have a big influence on the corporate image. Negative experience can often lead to a bitter taste, which can lead to bad worth of mouth. We all know you definitely do not want to have these kind of stories going viral on social media.

Do you need help determining your Brand Strategy and Employee Value Proposition? Yoores would love to help you strengthen your Employer Positioning! Please contact us for more information.


Rosa Marijnen
Recruitment Marketing Specialist

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